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Why Do Ears Ring

This blog will help eliminate the term "subjective idiopathic tinnitus" from the mouths of all those interested in the field of tinnitology. After reading this blog you will realize that your tinnitus is not "invisible." Your tinnitus is emanating from a very specific place in the brain (and/or possibly the ear), and with the information in this blog, you will be able to help your medical professionals help you improve your life situation.


What you should know now is that there is hope for quieter and better days ahead. There is more than hope. Increasing numbers of people are experiencing remission from tinnitus – experiencing volume reduction and less distress. There is every reason to believe you will be among that number very soon. Unfortunately most people will spend $20,000 before they get to someone who has a track record. There are lots of scams to take the money of people who suffer.


Several effective treatments and therapies for tinnitus reduction are scientifically proven to be safe. Some of the drug treatments (sometimes referred to as pharmacological) have side effects. But STOP right here.


Why Do Ears Ring

If someone is suffering from the devastation of severe tinnitus does it really matter if there is some drawback to a medication? For my money, I'd rather have someone using medication than committing suicide.


Most of the therapies you will read about have no side effects at all. It will clearly show you that almost all persons with tinnitus can reduce the volume of the noise they are hearing in their head and gain relief from the distress associated with the noise. There is one catch. The number of medical and mental health practitioners in the health care community aware of what tinnitus really is and how to treat it is very small. People write me daily, asking if there is "someone locally." Forget that.


Let's just get you to the RIGHT someone. Plan on traveling for therapy and plan on telephone work for early intervention and therapeutic planning. This blog will help you make your health care professionals aware of the most recent research and studies available in treating your tinnitus.


It is your road map, but you have to drive the car. There is a great deal to learn and evaluate before you begin "treating" your tinnitus. It is intended to show you all of the major roads to a more peaceful life. It will not solve all of your problems. Simply forwarding the posts will not make the tinnitus go away. In fact, reading about tinnitus may actually increase the volume, simply because

the brain is focusing on the word, sensation, and experience!


One of the worst things you can do is read about or talk about tinnitus. No one with severe tinnitus is going to get well as long as they are reading a "support board" on the Internet, or for that matter, spending time with a support group in the real world. Perhaps those with moderate or mild tinnitus will fare better.


This blog will show you how to develop a team of professionals to help you on your quest. It will outline exactly what you will need each doctor, osteopath, audiologist, psychotherapist/hypnotherapist, and others to do to help you. Finally, you should know that this blog is based on dozens of scientific studies, my experience in helping others reduce the volume of their tinnitus, and my own road to peace.


You will find some of my own speculative thought in this blog. Tinnitus research is not complete and we will know even more in ten years than we do today. What works for most people is not guaranteed to work for everyone.


For example: A medication that eliminates a problem for one person can have no significant effect with another person. A medication that eliminates a problem for me may have side effects that make the medication less appealing for someone else.


No one needs to tell you that tinnitus volume, and even frequency, can vary from day to day and even hour to hour inside your head. In some people, the sound can move from one side of the head to the other. Many respected medical doctors tell patients with tinnitus "Learn to live with it," and "Nothing I can do." They are mistaken on both counts. The medical doctor can do a great deal for you. You may or may not eventually be completely rid of the noise; many people will.


Why Do Ears Ring

For the first time tells you what "'subjective idiopathic tinnitus" is, its origins, and exactly what can be done for relief. It is written in lay English (with a few exceptions where scientific discussion is necessary, so that you can share the information with your medical and mental health practitioners), but that doesn't mean that some sections will not be difficult to understand. You are about to learn information of which most medical doctors are unaware. It will be your job, as the person suffering from tinnitus, to share this information with your physician, in a careful, responsible, and methodical manner.


If you utilize the information to your maximum ability, you will, in all likelihood, experience significantly quieter tinnitus volumes and possibly remission, in less than two years. Some people will experience significant improvement in a matter of weeks after beginning treatment or therapies based upon the information. For some people, the tinnitus will literally disappear and, even if yours does not, you almost certainly will not be as distressed by this maddening disorder as you are today. To learn more, you can check out Why Do Ears Ring.


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